Local Authorities          :                                                                      Kulim Municipal Council  (MPKK)                                                    Kulim City Council Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) Local Authority


The district of Kulim is in the Kedah state of Malaysia. It is near Penang state and about 400 km north of Kuala Lumpur. The district is entrusted as the Hi-tech Industrial Hub for the State of Kedah and a part of the global industrial community. With a size of 769 square km, Kulim’s population is about 380,000 inhabitants. Kulim Municipal Council, a local government body, established under the Local Government Act 1971, is the local administrative body. The primary function of Kulim Municipal Council are as follows


Population                     : 362,258 people
Urban Hierarchy            : Main City
Area                                : 765km²
Local Authorities          : Kulim Municipal Council

City Functions: Kulim is an ever-developing industrial district where the KHTP is the first high technology industrial park in Malaysia established in 1996. The KHTP accommodates high technology-related industries and has become one of the attractive destinations for foreign direct investment around the world, especially Japanese investors

Kulim Industrial Corridor is an industrial corridor developed by Kulim Municipal Council. The development of this corridor is rooted in a wise combination of vast undulating land and a rich tropical rain forest to shape the sustainable industrial sector of the future. Thus, we proudly invite you to be a part of our global industrial community. Here are the preferred industries

  1. New and emerging technologies
  2. Optoelectronics
  3. Advanced Electronics Industries
  4. Wafer Fabrications and Related Activities
  5. Contract R&D
  6. Green and Renewal Energy
  7. Optical and Electro-optic Application
  8. Process Control and Auto Equipment
  9. Advanced Material
  10. Aerospace
  11. Semi-conductor and Related Activities
  12. Biotechnology
  13. Medical and Scientific Instrument, pharmaceutical

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